The Spring Tray is a selected combination of seedlings suited for your spring to mid summer vegetable and herb garden. The tray is available in 128 seedlings and 64. The tray includes:

Sweet basil, chives, coriander, artichokes, dill, yellow wonder peppers, habanero peppers, serano peppers and purple salsa peppers, butter lettuce, lolla rosa lettuce and gem lettuce, black beauty aubergine and patio aubergine, bronze fennel, rocket and marigolds, spinach, tumbler tomatoes, roma tomatoes and little napoli tomatoes. 


The tray comes with complimentary seeds to bring your edible options full circle, the seeds included are green bean, courgette and pumkin and radish.


The trays are booked on pre-order and in the coming weeks we will keep you updated with information on the varieties in the tray, how to prepare for them and what to do with them. They will be delivered in the first week of October 2020, which is the timing we have figured out for best results. 


The Spring Tray

The Spring Tray
  • We have a highly managed production line that mostly gets it 100% right. At times, bad growing conditions or seed success might result in the final tray having 1 or 2 substituted varieties. But we also make sure you get great value at all times. 


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