The Herb Garden Kit is a superb start up kit for a new gardener or simply a new herb garden setup. The kit comes with 10 herb plants:


1 x Lavender, 1 x Flat leaf parsley, 1 x Curly parsley, 1 x Chives, 1 x Thyme, 1 x Mint, 2 x Artichoke, 1 x Sage, 1 x Oregano


The kit comes with 2 x 15 kg bags of organic compost and 2 x 500g of Talborne organic fertiliser, and a plant label kit. 


Included in the kit are 3 options on herb garden design styles to suit your garden, namely square, rectangular or round. A full fact sheet on all the plants included as well as how to care for your herb garden. This kit makes an amazing gift as well. 


Herb Garden Kit



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