The Garden of Now seedling tray has an assortment of plants to move you from early summer through to early autumn. These include french tarragon, globe artichoke, mini cucumbers, marigold, coriander, lemongrass, oreganum varieties, strawberries, tomato varieties, basil varieties, chilli varieties, spinach, lettuce varieties, parsley and lavender. All the varieties are chosen for their excellent growth in the summer months.


The large seedling tray has 128 individual seedling plants and comes packaged in a sleeved tray with. The small seedling tray has the same variety of plants in smaller numbers. The small tray has 64 plants. 




The Seedling Stokvel seedling trays are booked in advance. The seedlings are busy growing but will only be ready for distribution at the ideal planting time which is the end of September 2021. Delivery and collection dates are 28, 29 and 30th of September. This is subject to change should anything delay the growth of the plants. Please please please don't book a seedling tray if you want your seedlings earlier than this date. 

Garden of Now - Seedling Tray