The Seedling Stokvel signature seedlings trays have become known as every Joburg gardener's seasonal "must have" for an abundant, diverse and successful veg and herb garden. 

Every season the tray is designed according to the appropriate varieties and quantities required for the average home kitchen garden setup.

The seedlings are expertly grown in conditions that guarantee a delivered product that is robust, disease free, and optimal for planting.

The seedlings come in two tray sizes. 128 Plug tray has 128 plants of varying numbers per variety. the 64 plug tray is exactly half the size and suitable for patio gardens, potted gardens or simply smaller spaces. 

But what is the best part about Seedling Stokvel?

Is it that when you buy a tray you are buying as part of a stokvel collective meaning you form part of a community clubbing together for economy of scale?

Is it because through each step of the process you receive information about the varieties you are getting, how to grow them and what to do with them?

Or is it that you simply order and pay online and the seedlings come to you, delivered,

when they are ready?

Some say they do it for the seedlings alone.

The quality of which has become relied on by Joburg gardeners for three years running. 



Hello. It's me, Caro.

I founded Seedling Stokvel late one night in 2016. Ever since then I have run this small, digital business online for two reasons:

#1 I love gardening

#2 I love trying new things

I studied Environmental Science with Economics and Botany hoping to become a natural resource economist. But that didn't work and I become an urban agriculturalist instead.

I honed my love for plants with pretty ideas and my tendency for organisation and started what was South Africa's first edible landscape design business back in 2006. I won multiple design and show garden awards as well as one for business planning!

Somewhere along the line I became a digital content producer instead. For 7 years now I work with my very clever husband and we run a colour grading facility for digital media in Linden, Johannesburg. 

We have two kids. In this picture you can see me with the youngest one on a camping trip on the Escarpment where we saw a waterfall and shortly after that a cobra. 

I love waterfalls. I am, however, terrified of cobras.