The Seedling Stokvel seasonal plant trays have always been inspired by the selection of edible plants available to us for the season ahead. Seasonal planting and seasonal eating is something that we have always used as a principle in teaching and motivating for food growing. And always will be.


But there has been change in the air. So much change. 

In 2021 my plan has been to not make plans. I was massively unsuccessful with that resolution at the start of the year and each week has brought a new spark to keep trying. This seedling tray is inspired by an ode to my new approach. To forget the plans and to focus on now. Maybe it seems odd that we would plant a whole garden with the hope for an abundant crop at the end of it all and not call this a plan. My message with these seedlings is; let it just be that. Let it be something you do now, and tomorrow when you go to your garden, let that be that too.  Let everyday bring its own thing and hold that thing for what it is. Of course you can interrogate its meaning or its impact, but it won't change what it is. 

The Garden of Now seedling tray is an invitation to enjoy yourself, challenge yourself, grow yourself and grow your garden in the only certain thing there is, now.


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The Seedling Stokvel signature seedling trays have become known as every Joburg gardener's seasonal must-have for an abundant and diverse veg and herb garden. 


Every season the tray is designed according to the appropriate varieties and quantities required for the standard home kitchen garden setup.


The seedlings are expertly grown in conditions that guarantee a delivered product that is robust, disease free, and optimal for planting.

The seedlings come in two tray sizes. The Large tray has 128 plants of varying numbers per variety. The small tray has 64 seedlings and is suitable for patio gardens, potted gardens or simply smaller spaces. 

When you buy a tray from Seedling Stokvel you are buying as part of a stokvel collective meaning you form part of a community clubbing together for economy of scale.



Hello. It's me, Caro.

I live in Johannesburg with my family on ERF206, the little piece of land that we are the custodians of (not the land pictured above). 

I studied Environmental Science with Economics and Botany hoping to become a natural resource economist. But I become an urban agriculturalist instead. I am now also a full time baker at Linden Loaves, a sourdough micro-bakery that my husband and I set up during lockdown. 


I honed my love for plants with pretty ideas and my tendency for organisation and started what was South Africa's first edible landscape design business back in 2006. I won multiple design and show garden awards as well as one for business planning.

I have been spiritually connected to the soil since I was a 17 year old looking for my purpose. I was lucky to find it at a young age and I consider myself deeply fortunate to be able to watch it unfold in ways that have new meaning each season. The central meaning always coming back to the purpose of community - without which we are destined for human failure. 

My intention with Seedling Stokvel, while simply wanting to inspire people to grow and eat good food, is to express myself through images, plants and words so that I might never feel trapped in a body that cannot share what its driver urges to contribute to doing "good".