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Signature Seedling Trays

The Autumn Tray is now available to book. Delivery is in April 2020. Limited stock, so book now to avoid missing out on your autumn harvest.

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Available with tray orders

Keeping your plants and soil fed, your birds distracted with delicious seeds and stunning nesting logs as well as keeping the bugs away from the produce in a gentle way - those are the goals of the Seedling Stokvel online products. Available to add to tray orders and deliveries.

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Garden On-site

Expert Consultations

That extra bit of support to get your garden or edible landscape closer to the dream. From analysis to understanding and plotting a way forward.
Available on Thursdays.



edible gardening for the urban dweller

Seedling Stokvel promotes and encourages gardening, especially edible gardening, by providing a unique product perfect for any gardener in Joburg - a seasonal seedling tray filled with a really special selection of high quality seedlings. The trays are available as full trays with 128 plants, or half trays with 64 plants.


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