edible gardening for the urban dweller

Seedling Stokvel promotes and encourages gardening, especially edible gardening, by providing a unique product perfect for any gardener in Joburg - a seasonal seedling tray filled with a really special selection of high quality seedlings. The trays are available as full trays with 128 plants, or half trays with 64 plants.

Signature 128 and 64 Plug Seedlings Tray

a variety of seasonally selected seedlings

The Seedling Stokvel seedling tray is all you need to equip your garden for the growing season. Each seedling variety is carefully selected to work complimentarily with the rest of the seedlings in the tray and perfect for the season at hand. Our specialist grower expertly raises our seedlings and makes sure that we get them at exactly the right time for planting.

October 2016

S01E01: Welcome to Seedling Stokvel TV

October 2016

S01E02: Landscaping with Artichokes

November 2016

S01E03: Episode 3 Staking Tomatoes

November 2016

S01E05: Leafy Greens

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