Some of the best days for gardening are winter days. The crisp air and warm Joburg sunshine make a gentle backdrop for

planting, tending to and harvesting winter vegetables and herbs. 

Preparing the soil for an early start in spring is also a rewarding past time during our colder months. As always, preparing for the season to come while enjoying the one at hand is the fine balance we seek as gardeners.

The Seedling Stokvel winter gardening range has what you need to keep your garden thriving through the late parts of winter into early spring. The seasonal winter seedlings tray is now open for booking.  And we have a really nice hamper, called the S&P kit (soil and plant kit) that you can purchase either for prepping your soil before you receive your tray, when you receive your tray or as a stand alone hamper if you aren't getting a seedlings tray.

The Winter Gift Box is still a popular favourite with those that are feeling generous and buying gifts for those special gardeners in their lives. 



edible gardening for the urban dweller

Seedling Stokvel promotes and encourages gardening, especially edible gardening, by providing a unique product perfect for any gardener in Joburg - a seasonal seedling tray filled with a really special selection of high quality seedlings. The trays are available as full trays with 128 plants, or half trays with 64 plants.


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